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Customize invoice template
Customize invoice template

How do I customize my invoice?

Updated over a week ago

In our latest update, you can now fully customize your invoice template to meet your specific requirements. Choose a theme that aligns with your branding and easily add or remove fields and sections as needed.

Here are the steps to customize an invoice theme:

  1. Start by navigating to the Setting bar on the left-hand-side menu.

  2. Select the Billing and Payments settings page.

  3. Select the Invoices tab

  4. In the invoice templates section, select edit

  5. An invoice template will appear, select Theme on the customization bar

  6. Select a template (simple, modern contemporary), color theme and upload a logo that suits your company's branding

  7. Press save

Here are the steps to hide and show sections on the invoice template:

  1. Follow the previous steps here

  2. Select fields on the customization bar

  3. Hover over the section you would like to hide

  4. Select the eye icon to hide/ show the section

  5. Select save

Here are the steps to customize an invoice through fields:

  1. Select Fields on the customization bar

  2. Select the Section you would like to edit (bill to, client, provider)

  3. Select the fields drop-down and select the fields you would like to show on your invoice template

  4. If you would like to remove fields from your invoice, select the x icon on the pills you would like to remove

  5. Select save

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