Capture a client note

How do you capture a client note?

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Here are the steps to capture a client note:

  1. Navigate to the Clients Page

  2. Select the client for whom you would like to record a note

  3. Press New Note in the right-hand corner of the page

  4. Select who the note is viewable by through the share button

  5. Complete the note and click Complete

Here are the steps to create a note from within your calendar:

  1. Navigate to the Calendar page.

  2. Go to the Appointment for which you are creating a note

  3. Select Add note

  4. Complete notes as normal

Here are the steps to use a template in your note:

  1. In the note modal, select the file icon in the bottom left corner

  2. After selecting the file icon, select See Template library

  3. Select which template you would like to use and press select template

Here are the steps to use smart chips in the note editor:

  1. Create a note as stated above

  2. Select the data chip icon (pill-shaped) next to the field's icon

  3. Add the data chip with the information you would like pre-filled for the client you are creating a note for. The information will auto-populate from the client's information

  4. Save or send the template as usual.

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