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Inbox - Communication, reimagined.
Inbox - Communication, reimagined.

How will Carepatron inbox work?

Updated over a week ago

Note: This feature is currently in beta and is in the process of being developed and released gradually to customers.

Intro to Carepatron Inbox Beta

Carepatron's inbox is our biggest development yet, adding dozens of new communication tools and improvements. Join the beta to provide input and support the development of this experience!

Our vision for a unified inbox?

We aim to combine all of your fragmented communications and tools into one communication hub - enabling you to seamlessly switch between channels and automate tasks like intake, creating client records, booking appointments, sending forms, and so much more.

What does the inbox do today?

All great things start with humble beginnings. Here are a few of the tools released in this beta:

1. Automatically sync communication with the client record

Client emails received in your inbox will automatically sync with your client record - creating an instant, secure record of all communications.

2. Create a client record

You can instantly create a client record from your inbox as you receive inquiries or referrals.

What's next?


Our team will be available to answer any further questions you may have. Just reply via messenger or reach out on

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