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Refer a Friend: Carepatron referral program
Refer a Friend: Carepatron referral program

How do I refer friends to Carepatron?

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With our referral program, you can earn a $500 credit toward your subscription charges for your Carepatron account. You can invite people directly from your Carepatron account or send your custom referral link to your X followers or Facebook friends. This credit will be applied to your account after your referee makes their first subscription payment.

When a colleague uses your invite to sign up for a paid Carepatron account, they will receive 3 months free access.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Finding your referral link

Referrals are managed through the referral link in your account. For you and your referee to receive the credit, they must sign up using your unique link. To share your referral link:

  1. Navigate to your Carepatron Workspace

  2. Click Earn $500 button on the left-hand navigation

  3. Select the copy button to send the link directly or click the email or social icons to share within the platform.

Receiving the referral invite

When you refer a friend to Carepatron, they'll need to use your unique link when signing up to receive free access. To use your referral link, your colleague clicks the link and completes the signup process.

Managing your referrals

At the bottom of the Refer a Friend page, you can keep track of the following:

  • How many colleagues you‘ve sent an invite to

  • How many colleagues that used your referral link and are in an activation process

  • How many of the colleagues that you’ve referred have signed up for a paid account

Important: The referral link is the only way we can track your referrals and credits.

  • If a colleague you referred needs your referral code reshared with them, you can resend the link by clicking the Re-send invite button next to their email.

Our team will be available to answer any further questions you may have. Just reply via messenger or reach out to

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