Sending client intakes

How do I send the intakes to my client?

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Sending intake for the first time

Once you have created a client, you can send them an intake. When sending an intake form, ensure they are fillable so your client can fill out the form. You can create a fillable form by adding in fillable fields. Learn more about fillable fields here. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Client page

  2. Go into the Client Record

  3. Select the more action button on the upper right corner

  4. Select sent intake

  5. Select a template in your intake library

  6. Click send

  7. Or you can also send from within the client list by selecting the intake icon on the toolbar.

Client process when they receive the document

Once you send the intake form, your client will receive the fillable form in their email. Here are the steps they will go through.

  1. Click on the link provided in the email. This will take your patient to an invite page on Carepatron

  2. Fill out each step which includes your details, health details, forms and agreements, payment method and password.

  3. At forms and agreements, your client can fill out the intake forms you have sent to them. You can also send viewable documents that do not require to be sent out e.g. terms and conditions, compliance etc.

  4. If you want your clients to respond to the form, make sure it's fillable by adding fillable fields.

  5. Once your client has finished these steps they will now be signed up to your platform and will have submitted the intake forms.

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