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Sending a form or template
Sending a form or template

How to create and send forms to clients? How to complete/submit forms as the client?

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In this guide, we will cover:

1. Sending a form/ template


  1. After creating a template or finding a template in our template library, click the 'share' button

  2. Choose the client and/or a relationship of the client

  3. Make sure to choose 'responder' next to the client's name and/or the relationships you have added. The 'Responder' option will only show if you have added fields
    Note: When sharing the form, all responders will be editing the same document. To send different clients their own fillable form proceed to Saving a form as a template so you can reuse it with other clients

  4. Adjust the email text if needed and select Send

2. Saving a form as a template so you can reuse it with other clients

If you want to create a form that can be reused, create it as a template. Click here to learn how to create a template.

Once the template is created, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the templates library

  2. Select Use Template on the template you would like to use

  3. The note modal will appear, asking you to choose a client/ contact

  4. Select the client you would like to save the form to

  5. You can also create a note in the client's record and choose the template from the template library in the note modal

  6. Select complete to save to your client's records or select share to send the form to a specific client

3. Completing a form (as a client or contact)


  1. Clients will receive an email with a link to fill out the form; they can also find the form in their portal

  2. Skip or sign in

  3. Fill in all of the input fields

  4. Submit the form

Our team will be available to answer any further questions you may have. Just reply via messenger or reach out on

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