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Sending intake forms and documents to clients
Sending intake forms and documents to clients

How do I send the intakes to my client?

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Paperless Intakes enable you to send clients different consent forms and intake documents to be completed electronically and returned to you before their appointment.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Send intake documents for the first time

Once you have created a client, you can send them an intake. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Client page

  2. Go into the Client Record

  3. Select the more action button on the upper right corner

  4. Select sent intake

  5. Select a template in your intake library or choose from the template library

  6. Adjust any titles and text for the email being sent

  7. Click send

  8. Or you can also send from within the client list by selecting the intake icon on the toolbar.

Create custom templates

  1. Navigate to the templates page

  2. Choose which collection you would like the template to be saved under

  3. Give the template a title

  4. Click on the '+' icon in the toolbar

  5. Choose the field types you would like to include in your template. For a master guide on the field types click here

  6. Click save template in the bottom right corner

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