Create and send forms (beta)

How to create and send forms to clients How to complete/submit forms as the client

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Table of contents

1. Creating a form


  1. Go to a client and click 'Create note'

  2. Click on the '+' icon in the toolbar

  3. Choose the field type you want i.e short text, multiple choice, etc

2. Sending a form


  1. Click the 'share' button

  2. Choose the client (or a relationship of the client)

  3. Make sure to choose 'responder' next to the client's name (this gives them the ability to respond/submit to the form)

  4. Send (you can also change the text body of the email that they receive)

3. Completing a form (as a client or contact)


  1. Skip or sign in

  2. Fill in all of the input fields

  3. Submit the form

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